About Three Tail Coffee

Three Tail Coffee is a small-batch coffee roaster located in Hector, Arkansas. We have a deep, almost obsessive love for coffee, and bristle when we hear people state that they don’t like the stuff. You see, at Three Tail Coffee, we feel coffee has gotten a bad rap over the years, one that is only now starting to turn itself around.

For most, the mention of coffee conjures up the burnt aromas of the diners of our childhood, and the acrid, bitter flavor of the now ubiquitous espresso houses that blanket the landscape. When we learned that coffee contains more flavors and aromatic compounds than wine, we were intrigued. When we experienced the floral notes and complex fruited flavors of a well roasted bean for ourselves however, our eyes were opened irreversibly. It was a singular experience that happened by fluke, that made it impossible to turn back to the coffee we grew up with. From that point, we were apostles of Arabica, and devoted to spreading word to the masses that the burnt, bitter flavor we once drowned with cream and sugar was not all there was.

If you don’t like coffee, we invite you to give us a try – we’d love a chance to change your mind. If you’re already a fellow devotee, than we’d love to share a cup and hear what you think. At Three Tail Coffee, coffee is our world. We think you’ll taste that on the first sip.

Our Selection Process

Most mass produced coffees will proudly display things like “Columbian” or “Arabica” on their packaging. The problem with this however, is that not all coffee is created equally. Two beans, even of the same variety, can have entirely different flavors if processed in different ways. Even a distance of a few miles between their plantations or a few hundred meters in elevation can result in radically different characteristics from one another. To state simply then, that a bean is from a given country, means little.

With this in mind, we source our green (unroasted) coffee specifically from small co-ops and farms across the world. We choose beans from locations known to produce fruity, and chocolately notes, specifically those of stone-fruit and berry. Our goal is to produce coffee that is complex enough to leave you coming back for more, yet versatile enough to drink every day. Even better, you know exactly where your coffee came from.

Our Roasting Process

Once we have selected a coffee, we conduct a series of test roasts using our in-house designed and built drum roaster. We carefully sample these roasts and tweak our roasting profile until we produce a coffee that best showcases the bean’s natural flavors.

Generally speaking, the darker a bean is roasted, the less its individual characteristics shine. With this in mind, the majority of our roasts fall in the light to medium range. This results in a bright, fruity flavor well suited for drinking black or with milk and sugar. Dark roasts are reserved strictly for the rare beans that specifically benefit from a deeper roast, and tend to exhibit distinct cocoa and chocolate notes. We may also offer multiple roast levels for beans that shine in different ways depending on their roast and intended preparation. This allows you to choose the right bean for your preferred style of drink.