About Three Tail Coffee

At Three Tail Coffee, we believe coffee is more than just something to keep you going. A good cup should should be an experience in itself, and something you can drink purely for the sake of enjoyment. You see, at Three Tail Coffee, we believe in good coffee, and that belief is why we got started in the first place.

A cup of coffee can have as many flavors and aromas as a glass of fine wine, and that is why freshness is so important. With most pre-ground commercial coffee left to languish and grow rancid in a can, a sip of freshly ground, single-origin coffee can be an eye-opening experience, even if it’s decaf. If you’d like to see what coffee is capable of, we’d love to show you.

Humble Origins

Our roasting journey started long ago, beneath the watchful eye of our three cats. We began with a repurposed popcorn popper, moved on to an air-roaster, and even dabbled in charcoal roasting. From there, we even designed and built our own roaster from scratch.

After many years of honing our craft, we began to sell our coffee through the local farmer’s market. While our cats no longer hang around the roaster, every bag of Three Tail Coffee carries the same passion and dedication it did when we first started.

Core Values

At Three Tail Coffee, we have several core beliefs that guide us in our roasting:

Freshness is key, and every bag of our coffee is roasted to order. We don’t believe in pushing old product or wasting valuable resources. We pledge that all of our coffee is roasted within 24 hours of delivery or shipping.

Everyone deserves a living wage, regardless of which country they live in, or what they do. This is why all of the coffee we roast is fair-trade or farm-gate certified. This ensures the farmers that grow our coffee can afford to continue doing so in the future.

Safety is important. We observe strict cleaning, roasting, and packaging guidelines, to ensure every bag of coffee we produce is the highest quality it can be. That said, we produce our product in a private residence that is exempt from state licensing and inspection, and may contain allergens. Our Department of Agriculture identification number is 104010014, and is in compliance with the 2021 Arkansas Food Freedom Act. We follow all Covid-19 safety precautions.