Nicaragua Buenos Aires Maracaturra

Nicaragua Buenos Aires Maracaturra is a difficult coffee to work with. Our most successful roast profiles always left us disappointed, and it almost seemed to actively fight us. We weren’t really doing its native qualities justice. On a whim, we decided to try something different and gave it an ultra-light cinnamon roasting.

A cinnamon roast is a tricky thing. The beans are harder, and difficult to grind, as there hasn’t been as much heat to break down the cellulose structure of the bean. Even worse, most coffees tend to end up grassy and heavy in hay-like flavors without much else. Every now and then however, you find a bean that really just belongs.

Orange Creamsicle mixes with an almost strawberry milkshake flavor, while light and sweet milk chocolate finishes things up. While not likely a good choice for espresso, it definitely shines as a pour-over! As this roast of the Nicaragua Buenos Aires Maracaturra is especially light, expect 4-7 days of resting before its full flavor can be enjoyed.

Nicaragua Buenos Aires Maracaturra Coffee Notes

The Maracaturra cultivar is an almost comically large bean variety. This unique coffee is the result of a cross between the Caturra and the “Elephant Bean” or Maragogype. It is grown primarily in Nicaragua and El Salvador. The Maracaturra bean is notoriously tricky to roast due to its enormous bean size.

Farm and Sourcing Information

RegionDipilto, Segovia, Nicaragua
ProcessingDry-process (honey)
Available sizes3oz/86g
Roast LevelCinnamon