Kenya Kirinyaga Mwirua Peaberry

Kenya Kirinyaga Mwirua Peaberry coffee is a bright and fruity coffee that is great for Japanese iced pour-overs. With a bit of sugar, the black coffee takes on an almost mulled berry cider flavor.

This bright, flavorful peaberry coffee is harvested from the Mwirua Co-op, in the Kirinyaga district of Kenya. Normally, a coffee fruit contains 2 seeds. As these two seeds grow against each other, one side of each seed flattens, resulting in the typical coffee bean shape. Sometimes, however, only one seed develops. With nothing to flatten it, the bean develops an oval shape known as a peaberry. This strange phenomenon only happens in approximately 5% of harvested coffees, and rumor has it, the resulting bean has a higher sugar content, making for a sweeter, more flavorful coffee.

Farm and Sourcing Information

RegionMwirua Co-op, Kirinyaga Dist. Kenya
ProcessingWet Process
CultivarBourbon type
Available sizes3oz/86g
Roast LevelCity/Light