Kenya Kiambu Japem AB

Kenya Kiambu Japem AB is an incredibly sweet and fragrant coffee that is excellent for pour-overs. It’s delicate floral accents and pleasant sweetness works well black, especially as a cold-brew. The addition of milk and sugar adds a velvety texture and brings out the coffee’s fruited notes.

Kenya Kiambu Japem AB coffee comes from the Kiambu farm, which lies near the foothills of the Gatamaiyo forest reserve in Kenya. While Kenya Kiambu Japem AB’s versatile nature and pleasant sweetness are desirable traits on their own, the most wonderful thing about this coffee is that it all comes from a single estate. As it is sold by a single farm rather than a Co-op, the coffee purchased here can be traced exactly back to its origins, rather than being a blend of hundreds or potentially thousands of small estate holders.

Farm and Sourcing Information

RegionKiambu, Kenya
Processing typeWet Process, Kenya type
CultivarBourbon type
Available sizes3oz/86g
Roast LevelCity/Light