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Hot Coffees for a Hot Summer

Make it through the hot summer days with a pick-me-up from our latest batch of hot coffees! Fresh roasts include an anaerobically fermented coffee from Rwanda, an amazing dry-process from Zambia, a wonderful organic addition from Mexico, and two new coffees from Ethiopia. If that’s not enough, we even have an ultra-rare, low volume batch of 5-year-aged Sumatra for those who crave a once in a lifetime cup.

We’ll be adding the new varieties into our weekly rotation as well the extras table at RCM, so keep an eye out!

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Nicaragua BA Maracaturra now Available

Our Nicaragua Buenos Aires Maracaturra is now available! Roasted to an ultra-light cinnamon roast level, this coffee is a refreshing pick-me-up for a cold winter morning. Pour-overs result in Orange creamsicle and strawberry milk flavors that mingle with sweet milk chocolate. Great with milk and sugar! Grab yourself a bag this weekend at the Russellville community market.