Fresh Coffee and Light Reading

While we have been a bit behind on updates for the past couple of months, we’re back for the holidays with some fresh coffee and light reading. Delicious new single-origin coffees and informative articles about coffee are just a taste of what we will be adding in the next few days.

Fresh Coffee

We have two new single origin coffees to add to our lineup that we absolutely love. Our amazing Private Reserve Yemen Mokha Matari now available in city and full city roast level. With flavors of chocolate, caramel, and sweet pipe Tobacco, our Mokha Matari is an excellent way to start the day, or bring it to a relaxing close.

In addition, we are also happy to announce our Nicaraguan Buenos Aires Maracaturra coffee, available in an ultra-light cinnamon roast. Sweet and aromatic milk chocolate notes are the highlight of this roast, and great with milk and sugar.

In addition to the new varieties, we have been steadily working to refine and polish our existing coffee offerings. This includes new roast profiles, and various tinkering to allow our coffees to be the best they can be.

Fresh Information for Coffee Lovers

In addition to our fresh coffee and refined roasts, we are also adding some in-depth articles that help to demystify the world of coffee. Have you ever wondered about the differences between an American roast, and a full-city roast? What do the various flavors listed on our coffee labels mean? What is the best way to brew up an amazing cup? We will do our best to shed some light on all of these subjects, and more.

The Holidays and Beyond

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. We hope to continue to roast rare and exotic coffee for years to come, and would love you all to be there to enjoy a cup with us. We are incredibly thankful for all of your support, and wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.